Niche claddings with motifs are a stylish and practical way to highlight niches. 21 different digitally printed motifs are available to help you create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel – it’s your choice. For a perfect colour match with the fronts and accent colours of the kitchen, the motifs can be additionally coordinated in six different base colours.
Alpine white high gloss - 306 Alpine white high gloss
Sand high gloss - 727 Sand high gloss
Lacquered satin grey - 901 Lacquered satin grey
Fern - 248 Fern
Caledonia - 266 Caledonia
Oxid décor - 319 Oxid décor
Taxus reproduction - 347 Taxus reproduction
Mixedwood reproduction - 368 Mixedwood reproduction
Décor Retro - 521 Décor Retro
Décor Floral Blue - 522 Décor Floral Blue
Décor tile mix, black - 560 Décor tile mix, black
Décor spice rack - 568 Décor spice rack
Glass Silver - 046

Glass Silver

Glass White high gloss - 052

Glass White high gloss

Glass Black high gloss - 053

Glass Black high gloss

Glass Masterflow black matt - 057

Glass Masterflow black matt

Glass Satin grey high gloss - 082

Glass Satin grey high gloss

Glass Alpine white high gloss - 085

Glass Alpine white high gloss

Glass Stone grey high gloss - 129

Glass Stone grey high gloss

Glass Slate grey high gloss - 131

Glass Slate grey high gloss

Glass Ivory high gloss - 176

Glass Ivory high gloss

Glass Sand high gloss - 177

Glass Sand high gloss

White high gloss - 023 White high gloss
Satin grey high gloss - 455 Satin grey high gloss
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